CBD Oil For Seniors

CBD Oil For Seniors

This will be an account about my experience with CBD oil and my mom (an senior girl).

As I’m starting to compose this, we peer over the living area to the family room. We see her sitting here all pale, her body disfigured from illnesses and time and effort.

It is often weather-beaten from all of the shipwrecks which have landed in the shore, that which we call life.

The truth is:

She’s had an extremely hard life growing up, been through famine, two great wars and struggled to increase five young ones.

This all while being mostly alone and at the mercy of abuse. She’s invested many of her last 10 years in pain, and all sorts of I’m able to ever think about is the way I can make her life easier and pain-free.

I’m talking about the“wonder woman that is greatest” I know, or you will probably have been therefore fortunate to possess that you know.


My mother and her“yia-yia” as we call. You might call her “babushka”, “abuela”, “nonna”, etc. or perhaps understand her as grandma.